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About AHPM

American Health Products Manufacturing is a leader in the United States’ reshoring effort to bring American manufacturing of critical medical supplies back to U.S. soil.

We’re building the future of American medical supplies manufacturing. Learn more about us, our people, and our role in bringing American manufacturing home, below.

Senior Management

Manufacturing professionals spanning a wide range of healthcare, rubber and tech disciplines, bringing diverse expertise.

Technical Expertise

Planning and building high-quality manufacturing machinery and plants, with the goal of making the finest glove products in the world.

Business Expertise

Engaging constructively with executives and clients, improving performance and unlocking value in the financing, manufacture, sale and distribution of medical supplies and equipment.

Manufacturing Expertise

We’ve recruited talent from the world’s glove manufacturing base, building a team that, together, has more than 120 years of manufacturing and glove-making experience.

Meet our team

Chief Executive Officer

Rick Needham

Executive Vice President

Tucker Blair

Chief Strategy Officer

Rodney Mikesell


Greg Blankenship​

Vice President, Sales

Vince Trotta


Joe Chang​

Director of Marketing

Luke Vanderbroek

General Counsel

Laura Monus

AHPM In The News

The Finest Dental Glove in the World

The Gen-X 2.5 S1 Glove is the clear choice for The World’s Finest Dental Glove. This glove is specifically designed for use in the dental practice and is made from a patented, exclusive chemical formula that results in a soft, flexible, and strong glove. It also features a fully textured finger for improved grip and is an FDA chemotherapy rated glove, indicating it is highly protective and durable. In addition, the Gen-X 2.5 S1 Glove is an excellent value, as it uses less rubber in its manufacturing process, resulting in a lower price point for both the product and the cost of shipping. Overall, the Gen-X 2.5 S1 Glove is a reliable and high-performing choice for dental professionals.

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